This is the program for you if you are under a time constraint and need to quickly lose a lot of weight. If you are a bride-to-be, planning for a pregnancy, starting a new job or readying for a big event where you need to look great, join our program and lose faster than you thought possible but also in the healthiest possible manner.

Belly fat is one of the biggest problems today. Unfortunately when we lose weight we lose it from all over.

However, belly fat is not normal fat and is a side-effect of mild hormonal imbalances. By correcting these imbalances, we are able to help you shed the belly fat easily even without much weight loss.

“I gain faster than anyone else.” “I can gain weight on just water.” “I never lose weight no matter what I do.”

If these sound like you, then you are suffering from a weakened metabolism. The crash diets that give you great weight loss are also diets that are crashing your metabolism. This can be corrected with our metabolic diet program.

PCOD is one of the most common metabolic disorders in women today. Unfortunately, it brings with it a host of issues including heavy bleeding, amenorrhea, painful breasts, anemia, pre-diabetes, and over a longer period of time, it can even cause troubles with hormonal health or problems in conception. It is imperative to reverse this condition asap.

Therapy for various ailments, including diabetes, hypertension, uric acid, GERD, etc is what most clients come to me for. All your illnesses can be reversed and corrected through just Therapeutic  diet without any medicines or or pills.

Hormonal Imbalances, PCOD, diabetes, thyroid and many more are the bane of our society. Moreover, hormonal imbalances like cortisol and adrenal fatigue are not even detectable in tests.

Correcting these is extremely important and this program is apt for that.

In a world dominated by weight loss industry, those who need to gain weight can often feel left out. We assure to help you gain lean weight in the healthiest possible manner without gaining fat.

Many times a keto diet is desirable. I don’t suggest this diet to a lot of people, including vegetarians with limited eating palletes, or people with high cholesterol or even those who can not cook daily. But if you think you may be the right candidate then we can surely work on a keto diet for you.

While most people think of intermittent fasting as a great weight loss tool, it is a lesser known fact that IF can increase longetivity, balance hormones, and increase immunity.

Motherhood is the most special time of a woman’s life and nourishing your baby with the right nutrients begins long before the conception. If you’re planing for a baby, the right time to start a healthy eating regime is 6 months before you conceive, the next best time is now. Whether you’re planning, pregnant or lactating, we can help you nourish the baby the correct way while also ensuring your body remains the healthiest.

Sportspersons have special dietary needs and this changes from day to day. The body needs a different diet on rest days than on practice days. Your supplement needs are much higher. Also, if playing in weight category, every ounce and gram counts, and should be accounted for. For this reason we customise the plans for athletes to suit their needs. 

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All programs include the following:

  • Customized Diet programs suited to your individual needs, health problems, daily routine, eating habits and regional cuisines.
  • Meal plan are customized to address all your health issues including weight, hormones, gut health, metabolism, immunity etc. Over the course of the program you will see massive improvement in all of these.
  • Recipes are provided where needed, however we try our best to create an eating culture that contains your staples so you can follow the same even after you stop working with us.
  • Weekly revisions of the diet chart.
  • Whatsapp chat support throughout the week.