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How calories sneak in without us noticing?

When you are working really strong, but you don’t find any difference even in a minute amount, don’t get frustrated. We are here to tell you that how calories sneak in without our knowledge.

Sneaking means secretly. Calories sneak is nothing but calories being dumped in our body through a certain action, without our knowledge. So, how this calories sneak in, while we are more conscious about our food choice. Many people who consult me, says that, I am eating only salads and smoothies, though I am not losing my weight or I have many problems. The major reason is the calorie sneak. Now let’s start learn something about sneaking calories.

With hot summer hitting all our places, people are more fascinated towards the consumption of smoothies, shakes and raitas or salads. Do you think these foods would adds to extra calories. I would say, the answer is yes. Here we go with the discussion.

  • Smoothies: A smoothie ordered in the commercial street of the metropolitan cities, adds many mix ins to improve the flavor. They add creams, sugars for sweetness, sodas, sorbet and many other substances for attracting people. Regular consumption of these smoothies, would definitely loads you with sugar and fats at times. This is how the sugar with empty calories sneaks into our body. But for us, we would be confident that we are consuming a fruit smoothie. It’s just a smoothie, but see, the calories sneak in without us noticing. Unless, you see what the commercial stalls are adding in the blender, don’t opt for it. So what is the solution? The better option is to prepare a homemade smoothie with the fruits of our choice. While preparing, don’t forget to add less sweetness. Sweetness can be made by adding honey instead of sugar. Creams made of fat free milk and fat free vanilla are too available or can be prepared at home. We can add these products for our flavors.
  • Salads with toppings: Just there is a word salad in a recipe, it does not mean it is healthy. A salad is mesmerizing word that makes every person to consume it, without even questioning about the ingredients. First, let us understand what a salad is? A salad is a food recipe which is a collection of many ingredients. For example, a fruit salad is the collection of many fruits. A vegetable salad, is the combination of many vegetables in a single recipe. Hence, the salad is a collective term of mixture of many ingredients.  You may be wondering how salad would sneak a calorie in. have a look at this. These days we, the people, prepare the salad by adding many toppings. The toppings are substance like nuts, dressings such as mayo, sauce. Are you sure you are taking a healthy one when you add these toppings? Absolutely No, you are making a healthy salad into an unhealthy one. You are unknowingly adding calories into the body. Hence, to make it healthy, try an addition of flaxseed powder, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, veggies like celery. This will not only make it healthy but also makes it more palatable.
  • Our regular coffee: Coffee, the great refreshment that every one of us is addicted to. This coffee now has got different flavors, toppings, and many unbelievable combinations. As in a layman life, a simple coffee is combined with biscuits and vadas or some oily items. And that in the rich man’s table, the coffee is taken with cream toppings, a burger or any spicy item. With all these notices in mind, I hope one can now relate the calorie sneaking. Yes you are right, the coffee with whipped cream or any such addition, may add your calories. Instead of using whipped cream, you can very well go for a try on powdered almond, which gives you a different flavor. Now certain voices I could hear from you quoting about the non usage of any of these flavorings, but tasting a simple coffee twice or thrice a day. But I would tell you that even you are also on the same track of loading up calories in the form of sugars and fat rich milk. So if you want refreshment, be wise enough to choose a fat free milk coffee or a green tea.
  • Sandwich toppings: A sandwich is a perfect food for satisfying hunger. This could be made healthy with some veggies and nuts. The loaded stuffing would definitely contribute calories to us. Thus the stuffing, matters a lot. Cold cuts, cheese, mayonnaise and dressings are now in trending. These would definitely add on your calorie intake. Having a special treat with all these, may be ok for a single day. But consuming on a daily basis, will be posing a little harm on your health. So, a sandwich can be made healthy with the sautéed veggies and mild homemade tomato sauce or mint chutneys.
  • A spoonful of peanut butter: Of course the peanut butter is very healthy in some ways. But, applying it daily on a cookie or sandwich would sneak the calories without our notice. The same thing applies for the seeds too. If you are on the weight loss track, use always the powdered form so that it won’t burden you much. My suggestion is to use the freshly organic products that are homemade other than the commercial products. Keep in mind that the kids should be made to try all the natural flavors, instead of the commercial products like peanut butter, sauces, jams etc. in simple words, all my young mothers please try out all the recipes at your kitchen and serve it to your kid.
  • Alcohol: Oh! Alcohol too on this list? You might be surprised. But it is actually true. The people would recommend the drinking of red wine for heart health. But when this habit has made regular, the red wine possessing nearly 100 calories per glass, would brings you more calorie stacking up on your body. The next stage of red wine is taking a beer, which is again serving you 150 calories per glass. The beer makes you to search of accompaniments like chips, chocolates etc. for taste, would definitely stack up your calorie rack without your knowledge.
  • Snacking on Nuts: A nut, a most lovable and recommended snack for all age group. A serving size of nuts, mostly an ounce would provide you nearly 150 – 165 calories. There is nothing to worry about it. But, when this portion is doubled or tripled, the calories count would rise somewhere up to 300 or 400 calories. That is really alarming. The calories would sneak in to without any evidence of harming your health.
  • Portion control: Having a good portion control over your food is really a very good habit. But when you start tasting all the free samples at your doorstep, your portion control does not give any value. So be aware about the portion control.

That’s all my friends. Be conscious about your meal plan too. The above list comprises of the most fascinated foods. Hence, take a chance to be more wise in choosing your food.