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Hidden Reasons for Weight Gain

Weight!! An alarming change of the body. The problem arises either you have low or high weight. Oops I have put on weight though I eat less. I have seen many clients rushing me to reduce weight. But do you think eating alone is the reason for your weight gain? As a health care professional, I would say, definitely not! Weight gain may be due to many other reasons that we may not aware about or even unimaginable. So lets pool into the hidden reasons for our weight gain.

Weight gain is nothing but the increase in your body weight. The weight gain which may be the symptoms for serious health condition should be treated in the right time to live healthy. Before treating the same, we must be aware of the reason about why we are gaining weight? So to feed your brain about the hidden reasons for gaining weight, this article takes its role on.

Hidden Medical Conditions: As per in a layman’s perspective, weight gain may be due to eating excess calories. But in the view of the medical practioner, gaining weight may be the overseen reason for a hidden medical condition. The health related issues like Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Thyroid gland abnormalities that Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism may be the reasons for weight gain.

PCOS, the condition which produce symptoms like facial hair development, severe acne, and irregular periods is one of the causes for weight gain. This is very common among premenopausal woman, who have no clue about their weight gaining. It’s not the testosterone that triggers the weight gain, but a genetic component of PCOS, which runs in the family, may be the reason. But if you are lucky enough to identify this cause, then the women with PCOS may be able to lose their weight to about 10% with the help of the medications. Thus with the help of the medications, one can drop the weight of the PCOS women thus pushing their male hormone to lower levels which in turn resume their irregular periods.

Thyroid problems which are very common in recent times, tends to be the reason for the weight gain. If the steep of the weight gain is very low, many people in today’s’ world associate themselves with hypothyroidism. Though, it’s treatable, many of us have taken it for granted and wait till the symptoms exceed the threshold level. So people when you have the symptoms like brittle nails and dry hair don’t wait to check and treat the illness.

  • Medications: there are some medications that are essential to keep us bodily functions normal. Anti depressants, migraine relievers, steroid medications tend to increase your weight without your knowledge. You might be wondering about your weight gain. But the actual reason is the medication you are taking. Weight gain of a lactating mother is common since her diet is modified so as to fit herself and her child. But the person should be able to restore her shape after stopping the breast feeding. If the weight is continued to be in high rate, and if your are on birth control pills, then it may be the reason for the weight gain. Medical advances such as Hormone replacement therapies also pave way for weight gain.
  • Lack of sleep and Stress: stress the major reason for many functions to be impaired in our body. Weight gain is not an exceptional. The higher status of stress is where the people suffer from lack of sleep. This condition tends them to eat more to get relaxed, resulting in consumption of unwanted calories. Thus as a result, the person is on the weight gaining track. Our body actually needs about 7 – 9 hours of sound sleep. Being tired leads to stress, which leads to over consumption of unhealthy snacks as baked or fried potatoes, pastas, bread based junks that are starch rich foods, ultimately makes you put on weight. So friends, whatever be the situations, calm your mind and have a sound sleep.
  • Lifestyle changes: we the people of today’s world are fascinated towards the usage of several commercial products. These products are filled with artificial sweeteners, and other substances that aid in your weight gain. People are taking these drinks for refreshment. They have really forgotten the original lemon juice which is good in replacing the lost electrolytes. The intake of more fast foods, more executive foods in their works schedule, tends to increase the weight of the person. This may be without our knowledge, because taking outside food has become a common practice. We are tend to consume more of sugars in to our food system. The sugars are nothing but densed with empty calories that ultimately leads to weight gain. Thus life style changes has also one of the biggest reason for weight gain.
  • Improper bodily functions: the increase in the age results in the alterations bodily functions. For example, the quality of water retention. The water retention capacity of the body alters when the age increases or in earlier stages of life due to any other medical conditions. Increase in weight may also be due to water retention. It’s not always the extra pounds that we consume. So how to identify it? If you press your finger on the enlarged skin, if it leaves the indentation instead springing back, then its water not the fat. Other symptoms include decreased urine output, loss of appetite due to kidney failure, fatigue are some to be noticed. Fluid retention may also be due to liver disorders or any cancerous cells development.
  • Food portion and food pattern: the food portion needs to be tracked if you are a weight watcher. But in most of the time, we usually forgot the food portion. And of course many times, we ourselves reward after a workout which are calorie dense. Hence, if you are not measuring the food or even snack, your weight is going to reach heights. The social network platforms are here with some unknown food fads which tends the people to follow them blindly. Generally there is a myth that you put on weight when you consume more fats, but what actually is if you don’t have enough fats in your diet or foods you eat, you actually put on weight. The higher intake of fats may pose weight gain to some extent which is more dangerous. But to some point we all need fat for proper functioning of the body and of course to maintain weight. The higher intake of protein rich foods too increase your weight unknowingly.
  • Being so restrictive: skipping meals might be the reason for weight gain. Some people has a habit of skipping their meals with the misconception that it leads to weight loss. But it actually makes you weight. Though it can be corrected if you start eating healthy foods, but it takes a tough time to regain the original weight for your height. In simple words, being selective or restrictive in choosing foods or meal plans and also skipping the meals makes you even fatter that too in a unhealthy way.

So was it useful to you? You may be wondering about your weight gain right? Have you got your answers? Check your body and if the weight gain is in high steep, don’t wait to seek the medical practioner immediately.