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Eating for Bone Health

Tips to keep Bones Healthy:

“Bones” living tissues of our body, possessing blood vessels and cells for forming and deforming. These bones are our basic structure that forms the skeletal system of the human body. So do you think, the bones need nutrition as other parts? The answer might be yes for someone who really understands the process of bone formation and its deformation. But in a layman point of view, the bones are just a supporting system that aids in the protection of internal organs. In an attempt to make the ordinary people who are not in to the field of living things, I would like to share few points about our bones and suggest some foods that really benefits for the healthy bones.

What is a Bone?

A bone is a living tissue consisting of blood vessels and cells that helps to maintain its structure. These cells would join with the blood vessels and support the bones to grow and repair themselves in case of any minor injuries. A bone is a rigid organ possessing many important functions like production of red and white cells, mobility, stores minerals and providing structure and support to the vertebrates.  These are light in weight but perform many beneficial functions to the body.

These bones, as other parts of our body, require nutrients to develop in a healthy track. We all know that calcium and vitamin D are the main nutrients that help them to grow. But the requirements also depend on the other nutrients too.

Foods for Healthier Bones

Among the nutrients, the minerals form the important role in building up healthy bones. The minerals like calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, vitamins like beta-carotene and protein are essential for bones especially knees. Calcium helps in the bones calcification which is when deficient causes several bone disorders like osteoporosis, arthritis, injuries such as fractures. Now let us have a look on the foods which are very essential for the healthier knee.

  • Milk: A large study has found that the milk consumption may slow the progression of knee arthritis. Milk is a complete food possessing all the essential nutrients including protein, Calcium and all trace minerals in adequate amount. Hence it is been suggested to be in the basic diet of all the elderly people, especially, as they are prone to develop bone disorders so quickly than any other age groups. To meet this, I would advise the inclusion of glass of milk every day, in a person’s diet. Whatever the age of the person, be sure to consume the milk every day.
  • Cheese: Cheese is the products that are trending now. Kids of today’s generation are fond of the incorporation of cheese in varied dishes. These cheeses are very much beneficial, when we talk about bone health. People who are allergic to cow’s milk are recommended to consume cheese, as it holds more or less same nutritional facts as milk. Cheese contains health-promoting bacteria known as probiotic. The probiotic are very essential for many functions in the body. In that way, the probiotic helps in treating the bone pain if any. Apart from absorbing nutrients from the gut, it aids in the bone health too. So be sure to include a probiotic in any form as cheese or our simple yogurt.
  • Tofu: Tofu is made from soybean curds and is naturally free from gluten. Tofu is a low calorie food but it is an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium. When a calcium compound is used as a curdling agent, the tofu becomes a best source of calcium, which helps in maintain healthy bones. Soy is flavorless are known to decrease the bone loss and increase the bone mineral density during menopause. This been a  greater health issue for women of age 50. When as kids, kindly incorporate these food items in their diet to ensure a healthy bones development.
  • Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds, the common product in every ones’ kitchen are an excellent source of copper. It is known to be consisting of manganese and other minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and molybdenum. The kids should be practiced to take these sesame seeds in any forms as they wish. The copper in the sesame seeds provide a best solution for rheumatoid arthritis since it possesses the anti inflammatory and anti oxidant enzyme system. In addition, it plays an important role in the activity of linking of collagen and elastin- the ground substance that provide structure, strength and elasticity in the blood vessel, bones and joints.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables Specially Spinach: they are the rich sources of calcium and other bone building minerals and vitamins like vitamin K, folate, vitamin C. getting calcium from plant based choices is the best decision and a earth friendly choice of being healthy.
  • White Beans: beans are the excellent source of protein which is the building block of bones.
  • Fishes especially Salmon, Sardines: Salmon and other types of fishes offer an array of bone boosting nutrients. They contain vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium and other minerals in the body.

Tips to boost bone health.

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and have your plate be balanced with protein and vitamins and minerals.
  • Regular physical exercise which includes strength training and weight bearing exercise.
  • Eat high amount of calcium rich foods throughout the day, or at least include a glass of milk once in a day.
  • Receive plenty of vitamin D and vitamin K for the effective calcium absorption.
  • Avoid low calorie diets to maintain good energy.
  • In case of any deficiency, don’t hesitate to consume supplements for effective bone health.
  • Maintain a healthy and stable weight for decreasing the pressure caused on the bones on your legs. This would help you to get away from bone or knee problems.
  • Don’t forget to include foods that are rich in other trace minerals like manganese, zinc because, it is too important for ensuring a healthy bone structure.
  • Be sure to include the omega 3 fatty acids, probiotic in the diet, since it is all there to provide you a healthy environment for your bone growth. These are the substance that possess anti inflammatory properties that are beneficial in many ways.

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To conclude, bone is very essential in all stages of our life. No one will notice the deformity unless the condition is critical. So it is always better to be more cautious before suffering. In simple words, prevention is better than cure. Luckily there are many nutritionally rich foods to support you in the bone growth. Make use of it. Take care of your health.