Eating for Bone Health

Tips to keep Bones Healthy:“Bones” living tissues of our body, possessing blood vessels and cells for forming and deforming. These bones are our basic structure that forms the skeletal system of the human body. So do you think, the bones need nutrition as other parts? The answer might be yes for someone who really understands the process of bone formation and its deformation. But in a layman point of view, the bones are just a

Nutritional Need For A Growing Child

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Nutritional Need For A Growing Child A child, a blessing to the family. From the moment it starts conceiving within you, trust me you are in touching the gates of heaven. The parents from the moment they greet their baby child, they start to pamper. They watch their activities and enjoy each second. Childhood is the most critical part in which any issues will degrade the overall development quality. The development, I meant is

Caffeine – Benefits & Side Effects

Health Effects of Caffeine  What is Caffeine? Caffeine is the stimulant of the central nervous system which is comprised under the group of methyxanthines. It is the psychoactive drug that is legally used by majority of the people. The caffeine is a white crystalline purine which is bitter in taste. The most prominent action of caffeine is to block the action of adenosine thus preventing it from producing drowsiness. This caffeine is found in the

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Body Image issues in teenagers

Body Image Issues in Teenagers Teenage, the time of transition from childhood to adulthood. This period of transition is called as “Adolescence” period. A teenager or a teen is the girl or boy who is in the age group of 13-19. As soon as they step into the age of 20, they are no longer a teenager. This time is the most crucial period because a lot of physical, mental and biological changes happen towards

Best sources of carbohydrates

Best sources of carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the major nutrient that satisfies your majority of the calorie requirement. The carbohydrates are macronutrient that provides us instant energy for many endurance activities. Carbohydrates are found in wide array of healthy and unhealthy foods ranging from whole wheat bread to soft drinks. The way they differ is that, their type. The complex carbohydrates are broken down in a slow process aiding us the slow release of energy, whereas

Bioavailability of Nutrients

The term bioavailability refers to the proportion of nutrients that is absorbed and utilized by the body, which is consumed through diet. Bioavailability is the absorption of nutrients in our body. The nutrients’ bioavailability differs for each and every nutrient. The macro nutrients absorption is nearly about 90% whereas the micronutrients absorption may depend on several factors. This bioavailability of the nutrients depends on many factors like our diet, nutrient concentration, nutritional status and health

How calories sneak in without us noticing

When you are working really strong, but you don’t find any difference even in a minute amount, don’t get frustrated. We are here to tell you that how calories sneak in without our knowledge. Sneaking means secretly. Calories sneak is nothing but calories being dumped in our body through a certain action, without our knowledge. So, how this calories sneak in, while we are more conscious about our food choice. Many people who consult me,

Hidden Reasons for Weight Gain

Weight!! An alarming change of the body. The problem arises either you have low or high weight. Oops I have put on weight though I eat less. I have seen many clients rushing me to reduce weight. But do you think eating alone is the reason for your weight gain? As a health care professional, I would say, definitely not! Weight gain may be due to many other reasons that we may not aware about

Foods that cause acne

Foods That Could Give You Acne Oh my God!! I have got an acne!! This is the major problem while we are in the adolescent stage. I hope everyone especially girls would agree with me. Even having any other disease at this age is digestible but having an acne in their face cannot be taken for granted for an adolescent. I guess, girls are more worried than boys. While no foods are proved to cause

Summer food trends 2019

The Top Food Trends To Watch In 2019 Summer Hello world!! It’s been going to a fantastic food trend this year, 2019. Creating a trend has become the part and parcel of our lives. So do you think food our basic need is an exceptional?? Food, our necessity also creates trend in recent times. Food trends are none other than the changes in the food preference. The food preferences are widespread throughout our nation. Some

Diet Podium

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nutrition is one of the most important part of an athlete’s training. It is also, often, one of the part that get neglected. Since, every sport has different requirements in terms of strength, endurance, power, stamina etc., the nutritional requirement of every athlete too vary vastly. A balanced approach to food is must for all athletes. However, runners have a higher need for carbohydrates. Also, since running is a catabolic activity, protein should be taken

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