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“After both my deliveries, i approached Shikha to lose my post delivery weight and within 6-8 weeks on her diet I was back in shape. The best thing about her diet is that not only you lose weight but you also feel energetic and light. My daughter’s are now 4 years and 1 years and I am thankful to Shikha’s diet to help me remain in shape. Her professionalism and expertise is par excellence.”

Ridhima BishtDelhi

“I came to Diet Podium for my wedding 3 months before the d-date. I was not expecting such results.It was a miracle since I can never stick to a diet usually, but their diet is so easy and convenient. The only problem was the last minute refitting of all my clothes.”

Priyanka Mumbai

“I am 48 and have high Bp since i was 28 years and pregnant with my second son. My bp has now become ok after 6 months diet. I have stopped taking bp medicines also. It is now 4 months since i stopped and i am totally healthy. And my weight also become normal and skin now glows.

Archana Nehwal

” I met Shikha when she was interning with my homeopath doctor. My diabetes had become very unmanageable and I started to have problems with uric acid and cholesterol. My weight was out of control and I lived in perpetual fear for my health, all at the age of 41. Today, 1 year later, I‘m free of all these problems, my diabetes is under control and I‘ve lost 18 kgs weight. I‘d like to take this opportunity to thank her for thoroughly improving my quality of life. “

Raina KhannaDelhi

“Your detox plan was amazing.. I had great energy all day.. thankfully there was enough food, and not just fruits vegetables and juices.. though I didn‘t expect it to give such great results I saw improvement in my sleep and skin also.. lost 6.5 kgs too.”

Deepali SinghMumbai

” I‘m so glad I took diet plan from Shikha ma‘am. I‘ve tried many diets before but I could never follow for more than 2-4 weeks. I am a complete foodie and had resigned to being overweight for life. When I met her she told me that her diet plans are calorie based and I can have a small serving of dessert everyday.. EVERYDAY!!.. as long as I am willing to follow the diet properly. Even chaat has been incorporated in my diet on a regular basis. Though I only took one cheat day in a week, it never felt like I‘m on a diet and my friends were always wondering how I‘m losing weight so quickly despite all the munching. I‘ve lost 16 kgs in 12 weeks and have renewed my package for another 4 weeks as I‘d like to lose another 4 kgs.”

Farheen AhmedJaipur