Alongside our other packages, we also provide a one time consultation for the people who are facing a paucity of time think that they can manage their diet themselves with the correct guidance. You can take one time consultation from our dietitian Shikha Mahajan with a prior appointment. In this one time consultation we provide a general diet chart to the clients which consists of various Do’s & Don’ts.

you will be required to fill registration form, we discuss about the general specifications like medical history or condition, lifestyle related habits and regular schedules, eating habits and likes and dislikes etc. After a proper analysis of these daily life factors we provide general diet to the client. General diets include health and food nutrition related information that helps in maintaining an average weight. We provide certain health tips which if followed are very helpful in weight loss and healthy living.

We have observed that after a proper follow up of one time consultation, the client learns healthy living, wellness attitude and becomes familiar to healthy diets and healthy habits. Those who have already taken one time consultation from us, finds easier to follow our regular diet plans.