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Shikha Mahajan is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Metabolism Specialist and an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, with a private virtual practice. An alumni of Lady Shri Ram College, she decided to change fields to follow her dream career in Nutrition and Health. After training in Holistic Nutrition under a homeopath doctor, she started her own freelance practice.

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Today, she uses her skills in Nutrition and Holistic Therapies to run her practice, where she helps people improve their relationship with food and learn how to eat intuitively, so they can focus on nurturing their bodies without the need to count each calorie. Applying the knowledge of nutrition to real world is a multi-faceted task and unique for each individual.

She is a strong believer in health at every size and understands that her work goes long beyond bringing the numbers on the scale down. Her philosophy is that a healthy diet is not about staying thin, strict diet plans or depriving oneself of their nutritional needs. Rather it is about optimum health, healthy weight and mental wellbeing.“Health”, she says, “should be a well rounded goal and it can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and incorporating them in way that works for you. It is important for everyone to have some basic nutritional understanding which can then be modified and incorporated in your daily routine. We strive to provide an easy solution for this by providing personalised diet which will be customised for your individual goals, tastes, preferred cuisine and dietary restrictions.”

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Shikha welcomes any questions that the clients may have and makes sure she answers them all personally on the Diet Podium website.


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“Hello.. im 28 and have pcod and so have excess fat onstomach area and also have facial hair. how i can reduce weight and tummy also.”
“Hi,We have a special diet plan customised to your specific body requirements that helps deal with and reverse PCOD. For more information contact us or visit in clinic.”

Shikha MahajanNutritionist


can you tell me what i should do if i am at my normal weight but need to loose tummy fat because i have like a paunch type stomach

We have a package called ‘Belly Buster Diet’ which targets belly fat specifically and especially visceral fat. You seem like the perfect candidate for this diet. It will help you tone up the stomach and not reduce the weight too much so you can still be in a healthy weight category. For more details contact us or visit in clinic.

Shikha MahajanNutritionist